Our Story

We are Claire and Steve Schauer-a hard-working, fun-loving couple who came into hemp farming "suddenly," although we had a lifetime of preparation. 

In fact, we just found an old love letter, from the time Steve was in the Army. Yes, that old, when writing letters was the way to communicate. This what he wrote to me while visiting relatives in Maine,  "Believe it or not, I think I have a little farmer's blood in me. There were a lot of large farms but a lot of small ones, too. The one I liked best was a small ranch style  house, small barn, coral and some crops. ...We passed one farm with a young wife standing in front of the house, bottle feeding a baby goat in her arms. Just a fantastic picture - of you holding the goat flashed into my mind."(Steve does have farmer's blood in him. His grandfather farmed in Minnesota.)

As far as Claire's farm background, her father was in the cotton business, and some of the most enjoyable times with him were riding through the fields on the way to a gin, or to check in with farmers. I loved farms, but never dreamed I would have one. 

Fast forward 50 years (and it does go fast!) Here we are, on our own farm in Paonia, Colorado, growing one of the best plants on God's beautiful  earth. We turned horse pastures into fields with irrigation, built a greenhouse, and some drying sheds. What an adventure!

We are so blessed to have our dear family and friends jump in with us to plant, maintain, and harvest. We appreciate such an outpouring of love and support. Steve's brother and wife have been here for months at a time each year, putting in countless hours. In our first year at planting, we had 18 family members and friends to plant 12,000 seedlings. It was awesome. 

We live to share our love for God with family, old friends, and those friends we don't know yet. Are you one of them?

If you are in the area, let us know and we will show you around. We are hosting some "U-pick Hemp Days" in September, and you, too, can experience The Fields of Glory. 

Steve Schauer and Claire Schauer with the planting crew

Steve and Claire with the grandkids, planting crew 2021.

Some of the crew for the inaugural planting of 12,000 plants.