Certificates of Analysis

You should know what is in your CBD products.
 We are happy to share these lab reports, which are done by an independent laboratory which is certified by the state of Colorado.  There are rigorous tests that are done on Hemp Extracts and products. Analyses are done not only on the finished product, but on the oil that is extracted and is very concentrated. The oil is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and for potency and microbial contaminants in the final product. The layers of testing insure that you have a pure, potent product. 
The CBD used in Healing Balm and Daily Blend tincture products came from the cultivar, Suver Haze, which has a lovely taste and fragrance.

 Healing Balm microbial results: 


Healing Balm Potency Results: This shows that we do have at least  1500 mg CBD in each jar.


Our Daily Blend microbial results, which show that the Tincture is free of contaminants.

Our Daily Blend 1000 mg CBD tincture results, which show that we have 1000 mg of CBD in each bottle.

The Focus and Energy Gummies are from the cultivar, CBG White, and is made from Isolate. This is a process, like it sounds, of isolating CBG from the other cannabinoids, including THC. The gummies are THC free, Vegan, and Gluten free. 


This shows that the gummies have at least 25 mg of CBG per gummy.